Well i bought this game a short while ago but forgot about it till last night (saw a facebook ad for it)

Its actually quite good even in its early bird state. Its essentialy a minecraft/eve esq multiplayer only game where you build houses and towns but due to the size and nature of the game you cant really learn everything so its best to have more than one player on a given server. One of the unique elements is the interaction you have with the environment. First of all your on an actual planet and you can look at it and even do a timed view and watch the planet evolve over the time you have played it for. Second your actions affects the world around you. If you kill all the animals of one type it will affect the ecosystem, if you over mine in an area you will cause polution and you will affect all the animals that rely on the environment that you just poluted, which will in turn affect your own survivability because you no longer have as much food around (oh the food is quite realistic, you can survive on a particular food type but say eating raw corn only provides a small amount of carbs and vitamins and provides no fat and no protein, yes you have multiple types of elements within food so its best to find a well rounded meal, if you go hungry you can't work so its quite important). From what I'm aware you start off building a small house/workshop but then build up a town from there and eventually you can have solar panels and factories and the such so its quite advanced.

anyway enough long text its not currently on steam (I think there waiting for the game to be more developed first) but they do have a steam page here they also have a website where you can currently buy the game here

So if you want to join me and play some mining/ecology type game then this seems a good game to try.