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Thread: Ashes of creation

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    Ashes of creation

    Ashes of Creation is a new MMORPG that aims to bring the Massive back to Massively Multiplayer. It takes everything we love about the genre and brings it boldly into the future as a truly next generation title. We’ve all wanted a world that lives and breathes and reacts, where our decisions matter, where the world changes because of what we’ve done. Ashes of Creation is that game: The rebirth of the MMORPG

    that is from the kick-starter they have
    Ashes of creation

    lets see what people think of this new MMO which is set for a later 2018 release

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    Yea... I'm in. 470 dollars down. The game looks amazing! Been waiting for something like this since that game that should not be named.

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    with less then 18 hours to go it had got $3mil with over 17,600 backers with all stretch goals complete (unless they add a very last min goal) it has hit 400% funded mark. now the waiting game will start till the alpha then beta stages for the game. well done to everyone which backed it

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