Member Name: Vyxar
In-Game Name(s): Vaixar
In-Game Level: 50x
In-Game Class: Juggernaut
Preferred Role: Tank/Heal
Playstyle: pve/pvp
Enter your Crafting Professions here: biochem/cyber
Age: 24
Do you have TeamSpeak3?: Yes
Do you have a Microphone: Yes
Please select any languages you speak fluently.: English
How did you find out about Iron-Pulse: bioware forum
What do you expect from playing with us?: ops and tactical slaughter in pvp
Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.: played on/off since launch. first char was a sorc and got to battlemaster before leaving. next char was a shadow which i dropped almost when she hit 50. i have a sage at 65 r70 which i play healing. also have levelled a guardian to 55.

fancy a change so going tanking on imperial side. will eventually transfer my sorc over and get her up to 65 too