If you have being living under a rock or raging too much at llama's in Fortnite you might have missed the annoucement 6 months ago annoucing Destiny 2 will have a PC release and fully optimized (4k native support, all the GPU settings you have come to expect and offering a generally different experience compared to the console versions.
Destiny 2 will be playable through the Blizzard application you can also pre-order the game on there.

Disclaimer: You do not need to have played or know anything about Destiny as Destiny 2 has completely rewritten the main storyline.

PC BETA: Starts 28th August (for pre-ordered accounts) Open Beta: Starts 29th August

You will need a bungie account sign up here: https://www.bungie.net/ they made it easy to make an account with account linking your Bnet account to bungie. I am... [Read More]