We are a multi-gaming community and we have played competitively across a huge number of titles and platforms, the community has been around for a long time and we have developed a strong core of highly skilled, helpful and friendly gamers.
Our community is a niche one that treads the fine line between "Hardcore and Casual" a lot of us being of a older player ranger mid 20's early 30's have lives but love to play competitively & have a laugh while getting the job done, that's us in a nut shell.
We are looking for High Skilled and New Players of all skill ranges to join us.

Time zone: GMT+0 / UTC & +1+2 - 5pm till 11pm weekday and all weekend mainly
Location: UK & Europe




About Iron-Pulse:

We have been around a long time and played competitively on numerous titles ranging from MMOs to FPS titles, gaining skilled core members who are looking forward to putting their stamp on any game we choose. We like to have a laugh but also get things done.
We have a set hierarchy and are a large community force ready to deploy. We have both Hardcore skilled players and weekend Warriors & Casuals.
We take on casuals on the premise they listen to the hardcore experienced players who can pass on that experience and make them become better players themselves.

What is Iron-Pulse's goal?

We want to play very competitively and build up a large core of skilled players to make our own mark on the battlefield.
We also want to provide a very interactive experience that everyone can get involved with, such as large guild operations at premium times.

What does your community offer?

Very Organised community of competitive players, as well a fun and friendly environment.
Teamspeak is a must while you are in-game. You are welcome on TS at all times.

What sort of members are we looking for?

Casual, hardcore, skilled, new player, communicative.

What to expect from your Guild?

Listen to your commanding officers, we may ask you to drop what your doing and come join us.
Join TeamSpeak while ingame.
Respect each other and follow the simple rules.

What are we playing currently?

Planetside 2 - Vanu on Woodman EU Server
Archeage - Eastern Faction
Gaming nights Featuring many selections of games
Our Age requirements are 18+ pref 21+ as we have alot of older members. We would prefer if you had a mic if you haven't got one we accept applications on the premise you will purchase one soon.

How to Join:

Click "Apply Now" and choose your desired game or "General Application".



Q) What makes Iron-Pulse unique?
Iron pulse has a strong, long-term core that has a lot of skill and experience in leadership roles, we are also very open and friendly and try to engage every member as well as provide help and tips when people need them.

Q) Who is compatible with Iron-Pulse?
As a Multi-gaming group, we prefer competitive friendly players, we do not however, have any hard-set requirement that you need to be brilliant to be considered. As long as you're eager to learn and listen Iron-Pulse is the group for you.

Q) Are there any requirements that your group has for all members?
We do need all members to have TeamSpeak 3 installed and a working mic, if you don't have a working mic you still need to be able to idle and plan on getting a mic soon.
We also only want 18+ members and those with a tolerance for being jovial and having a laugh, whilst not finding themselves constantly going into swearing/racism fests either, we want to accept all types of people and won't tolerate xenophobic attitudes.