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Reaper of Souls - does it worth anything?

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  • Reaper of Souls - does it worth anything?

    So, the expansion is out.
    How much new content did they actually add? How many playing hours do you estimate it will be for one who got bored of D3 already (even after the new loot system)?

    I think it should basically come down to the new 'adventure mode', or anything special I've missed (except one more act and one more character)?

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    Imo the content is lacking for the price.
    One new act and advanture mode, they also removed one of the key features of vanilla.
    There is no true endgame just yet, still tons of fun im playing hardcore with my friends.
    If you play softcore i wouldent bother as there is no pvp.

    I see no longterm future for this game, and this is coming from someone who played diablo 2 at unhealthy levels

    TLDR:2 week game / 1 month still fun


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      Probably a bit late in discussing this, and also considering I quit just over a week ago.

      The expansion is definitely a great improvement in just about every way. There's plenty to do for end game farming now as opposed to finding the flavour of the month farming route (this still exists though there are many other viable options), the crafting actually works too.

      The reason why I quit though is because I hate gambling, and with my luck I just couldn't stand what the game had become for me, which was essentially playing for 8 hours solid to earn gold and materials to use the enchanter to alter a stat on my item and give me a choice of 2 options out of a potential 5-20 stat options rolled randomly with an increase in cost each time you use her.

      I was hitting so many dead ends holding on to items which had potential to be amazing but all of my time, effort and farmed gold/mats was thrown into failed enchants, which after every failed attempt increases in cost each time and for legendary items requires a legendary material for each attempt, which in theory for me is like smashing 20 legendaries to try to make 1 worth using and still failing at it.

      I've been keeping updated on patch notes though and I would like to go back to the game, 2.0.4 sounds like a vast improvement in many aspects, but for me I feel for my own enjoyment this will probably only happen when the enchanter becomes more reasonable, and less like a gypsy scumbag with a rigged prize booth at the carnival.
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        I took a break from Diablo in late 2012 and never returned. But I got Reaper of Souls and I really enjoy it. The new act and class is a nice addon but the big thing for me is Adventure mode with bountys and Rifts coupled with loot you can actually use yourself.

        Also the new difficulty system which allows you to set whatever you want makes it possible to level 1-70 in one playthrough of the story instead of four. Or levelup in Adventure mode and disregard the story (when you've unlocked it with one character).

        The loot system is good. I had pretty decent lvl 60 gear on my wizard, but within two hours I found upgrades for most slots. Something that had not happened since Hell difficulty iirc. Not only do you actually find upgrades yourself, since you can now reroll one stat there are alot more possibilties to shape an item the way you like. Finding an almost great weapon without socket can now actually end up great.
        One complaint in comparisons between D2 and D3 was that in D2 you could find a cool item and think "hey I can make a build around that". Its like that for me now in D3, I can find one cool item with bonus to a certain skill or playstyle and reroll other items to fit.

        Speaking of the Mystic, you seem to be a bit unlucky. Sure its made as a sink and you're not supposed to be able to reroll whatever youd like right from the start. But farming Rifts for awhile has given me enough Souls to reroll a couple of my legendarys. Also the latest patch made enchanting cheaper, the only example I know is not needing the second highest gem to reroll legendary amulettes but the common marquise.

        All in all I really enjoy it.
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          The new patch 2.1 really mixes things up. If you want to hop in and see your char progress by playing solo or with friends,now is the time. If this will motivate you for longer than a month, idk, but it is one of the best patches so far.


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            Seasons has been added to give new kind of legendary's, and some are a real game changer. Plus patch 2.1 you can enter the goblin world and loot great rewards. New Gems system, Greater rifts. Loot now drops items tailored to your class. str. for barb. dex for hunter and so on. legendary items now have fun sideeffects or buffs. all classes has been rebalaced.

            All this is even without the exspansion.