Every Tuesday
19.00 - 21.00 GMT
Public Test Server

TOPGUN Tuesday is a weekly event organized by [MCY] Isfadel focused around flying. Overall goal is to have fun and learn to be a better pilot. Everyone is welcomed, the more the merrier. You don't have to be a top pilot, all you need is basic understanding of flying. One note, be ready to fly a mossie or a reaver, not just the scythe.

During the event all participants divide into two groups and fight each other according to specified rules. Last time the theme was "fun and games", few examples:
  • 6 vs 6 dogfight - PPAs against banshees
  • Fight of the valkyries - each team picks the number of valkieries they want to use and then fight each other.
  • Defend the gall - each team has to kill opponents galaxy with any means necessary, no lock-ons obviously.
  • Follow the leader - try to mimic the person flying ahead of you as best as you can while trying not to crash.

The plan for next week so far involves 2v2 dogfights, without any specific rules, but I'm sure there will be room for some less serious activities. More details will be posted here... [Read More]