For a short period before Open Beta starts Wargaming is allowing people to sign up and play World of Warships now.

They are doing a stress test before Official OBT begins but they have said they are looking for a certain number before closing registration.

So I urge people who haven't got to play yet or are interested in trying it out to sign up and download asap before registration closes.

For those who want to know more or see what the game is like then please watch the video posted below:

Things to note:

# This is a F2P game and does have heavily integrated shop menu.
# The Paid for ships aren't OP although some are better than others in that particular tier.
# The game isn't P2W but P2P (Pay to progress) as in trading over research to boost faster (that doesn't mean F2P are blocked just takes longer)
# A Squad or aka a Division is a maximum of 3 players.
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